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About Bloomice

Established in 1999, Bloomice SL have grown steadily to become a leading global provider of high quality RF Wireless Solutions and Signal Analysis Equipment.

Our products have been integrated, installed and utilised in all four corners of the globe since 2001 and our Bespoke Product Development services produce millions of precision engineered, bespoke hardware units for use in communication systems of all kinds.

Each year thousands of new concepts for utilising existing and developing technologies, come to fruition. Our product development team are leading edge innovators in developing these technologies into useful, essential products for our customers.

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the RoHS directive 2003, are REACH compliant and CE certified.

Our Antenna products range from our Embedded Compact portfolio through to our Base Station solutions. Our Connector & Cable Assemblies encompass the full spectrum of technologies from W.FL solutions through to LMR and Ethernet multicore solutions.

We produce and sell many thousands of individual products. This website offers an overview of the products most commonly used by our customers, from each technology field.

For quotations, additional product information, or if you can’t find exactly what you want, please contact us for details of our distributor partners in your location. Alternatively you can email us directly using our enquiry form.

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For Bespoke Cable Assemblies and Antenna Solutions

Our team of technical design consultants are waiting to discuss your unique specification. We can design and build exactly what you need, quickly, to the very highest quality standards.